Question & Answer

Question : My hair is falling out !.

Answer : Because of the hormonal imbalances during pregnancy, the hair on your head may fall out, while the hair on your body could grow thicker. there is no need to worry-this is trmporary, and will only last until your period returns after your baby is born. Eat well-balanced meals containing such foods as green vegetables or seaweed. Alos carefully wash your hair using a mild shampoo.

Question : My groin hearts !.

Answer : As your womb grows larger, these ligaments stretch, and you can feel this in the groin area of the left or right lleg.the ligaments supporting your womb pass through your groin and are connected to the pubic bone. this keeps the womb in a stable position. By sleeping on your side with the leg that hurts on the bottom, the ligaments will relax and the pain will decrease. though you will have to put up with a certain amount of pain, it is also important that you try to maintain a properly balanced diet, and take particular care to get enough calcium

Question : I have Gained weight and worried about pregnancy-related problems due to excessive weight gain (toxemia), how can i prevent this ?

Answer : Toxemia is a pregnancy-induced hypertension where a pregnant mother experiences a group of three or more symptoms. the signs and symptoms of toxemia may include hands, sudden weight gain a well as protein in urine. If you are experiencing any 2 of the aboue symptoms. You may possibly suffer from toxemia. should this happen, please consult your gynecologist immediately.The most important things to prevent toxemia is to control your weight from mid to final trimester of pregnancy, your appetitemay increase. processed food, fast food, high calorie and low nutrition food are highly not recommended. the weight gained during this period should not be more then 500g per week.you may control your weight by doing some exercises such as walking for at least 30 minutes a day. If you are fit enough, you may even do the usual household chores. However, do consult your gynecologist before attempting to do any exercises or heavy household chores.

Question : I've heard the first trimester is when the fetus is most susceptible to the effects of medicine. What kind of effects are there ?

Answer : You need to be praticularly careful from the 4th week of pregnancy to the end of the 7th week, as your baby's vital organs are forming at this time. When you get a prescription at a hospital, be absolutely sure to let them know you are pregnant. Be careful to take the medicine in the dosage in which it is prescribed, and by the method ordered also, avoid using in great quantities sedatives containing aspirin are any over-the-counter drugs you have purchased at a pharmacy. Before taking any medicine during this part of your pregnancy, please consult you obstrician.