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After birth, the uterus goes through a series of contractions for about 6 to 8 weeks, by which time it will have returned to its orignal size (about the size of a chicken's egg). But your abdomen, which become so large during pregnancy, will not return to its former state so quickly. Your muscles and joints will also be recuperation after all the work they did during pregnancy and childbirth. This stage is called the puerperium (or postnatal period).

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The post-birth vaginal discharge, know as lochia, will be heaviest for the first two or three days. It is sticky and very similar to blood. As the uterus returns to normal, the amount of discharge will lessen and the color will become lighter, going from red to pinkish to yellow to white. Providing recovery is normal, after 3 - 5 weeks, vaginal discharges will return to normal.

Your Body

The thick yellow substance secreted from the breasts immediately after childbirth is called colostrum. This will continue for between two and five days, during which time the color will turn whiter as it changes to normal breast milk.

You don't have to deal with post-natal alone - talk to people around you

When the delivery is over, your hormone levels will suddenly drop. Because of this change, you'll find yourself crying for no reason, or suffering wild mood swings and depression. This is called postpartum depression, or "the post natal blues." It usually goes away on its own after about a month, son don't worry. If it takes for more than few months, you should better see the doctor for help. But you will also be physically exhausted after your baby is born since you are not used to taking care of your baby yet. When it gets difficult, don't keep everything bottled up - share your feelings with your partner, family and friends. You may also want to talk with specialists, such as your midwife or health worker. PIGEON also recommends trying some herbal tea, as the aroma may help you feel better, and some such teas are rich in vitamins and minerals.