Pampering Massage

Massage to maintain a beautiful silhouette

Your abdomen will grow bit by bit, a good sign that your baby is thriving inside.
Massage your body as if you were talking to your baby.

Even before your belly begins to grow, make it a habit to massage yourself. It is important that you continue doing so, using lotion or other such products. Massage is particularly effective after getting out of the bath. Perform each of the following massages about 10 times.

Before Birth


Use the palm of your hand to gently massage in an upwards direction.


Massage upward from your thighs to your hips.


Massage upward from the back of your knees to your hips.

After Birth


Relax your abdomen and massage in a circular motion from your sides.


Massage from the top of your thighs in an upward motion, as if lifting your buttocks.


Massage from your ankles to your thighs in an upward twisting motion. This is good for your circulation.

Breast Massage

When you have entered the stable period of your pregnancy, following the 24th week, begin taking care of your breasts by massaging them. It is particularly if you perform this massage after taking a bath.


Using the palm of your hand, massage the opposite bresat upward. Repeat about 10 times

Massage in circles from the outside of the breast to the inside, making sure to avoid the nipple. Repeat about 10 times.


Press your fingers on either side of the areola until your nipple protrudes. Repeat 5 to 6 times.

Spread the areola horizontally using your fingers. Repeat 5 to 6 times.