Cleft Palate

Cleft Palate Bottle & Teats

These products are dedicated to babies with special feeding needs.
Suitable for the following conditions;

  • Cleft lip, jaw or palate
  • Weak sucking ability
  • Limited jaw and lip motility due to injuries or medical conditions.

A baby affected by a cleft palate often takes longer to feed due to weaker sucking

strength. Because of the gap in their palate, the baby is unable to create a vacuum in

the oral cavity.

  • Wider – 16mm wide to cover the palate and avoid the risk of getting the tip of the teat stuck in the cleft.
  • Thicker (2mm) on the upper side – To act as a substitute palate and allow for better suction.
  • Thinner (0.9mm) and softer on the lower side – To allow the baby to easily squeeze the liquid out by gently pressing the teat with their tongue.
  • Variable Flow Y Cut – To make sure the baby only gets the amount of liquid that he/she is able to swallow. Also, a Y cut is easier for the baby to get more milk by just pressing the tip with their tongue, allowing for the Y cut to open its flaps mechanically instead of due to suction strength. The Cleft palate bottle comes with 2 sizes of teat – Regular and Small.
  • Flow Regulator – This special regulator prevents milk flow into the nipple from going back to the bottle. It helps keep a constant flow of milk for a continuous milk flow, making it easier for babies to suck using their own efforts.
  • The Pigeon Cleft Palate Bottle 240mL is made of soft Polypropylene material in an oval shape, allowing the care giver to hold it comfortably and squeeze it to regulate the flow of milk as needed to suit each baby’s needs.